High, Wild Places

Mountains are a source of steadfast strength and beauty.  They change, but their large-scale change over the eons is beyond our abilities to sense.  Harmonizing oneself with mountains can help bring a sense of steadfastness into one's consciousness.

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Zion, national park, Zion National Park, Utah, southern utah, sandstone, cliffs, sandstone cliffs, fog, weather
Reflection Lake, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, autumn, fog, sunrise
moonrise, full moon, Mount Rainier National Park
sunrise, moon, crescent moon, Mount Rainier, national park, Washington
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Mounument, Washington, sunset, alpenglow
Mount Rainier, national park, Washington, night
sunrise, Capitol Forest, Olympia, Washington, yellow, sun, fog, mountain
Mount Saint Helens, Johnston Ridge, Washington, 1980 eruption, Toutle River valley
Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, Snow Lake, autumn, fog
moonrise, full moon Mount St. Helens, Washington, earth's shadow
Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, waterfall, mountain, grizzly bear, sunrise
Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, paradise