About the Prints

My Goal
I'm primarily interested in sharing with you photographs that have aesthetic appeal and meaning to me.  Your enjoyment of this website fulfills that interest.  However, if you wish to purchase a print in one of several formats, I can accomodate that.  Please contact me if you wish to purchase a print.

Below are some options that I use to make physical prints.

I work with professional printing labs across the country to provide dramatic prints on a variety of surfaces. It is my experience that these printers create the best products in the industry.

Prints are provided on Kodak Professional Supra Endura Digital Paper (i.e., E-surface). This Kodak paper provides accurate and bright colors, and it looks gorgeous. A luster coating is added to provide superior protection and visibly enhance the look of the print.  Kodak E-surface papers have an archival estimate of 100 years in home display. In other words, these prints will be around longer than any of us who may be enjoying them today.

Prints should be taken to your favorite frame shop where their variety of frames and artistic expertise will display the print in the best possible manner for your home or office.

Colorplak is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional frame and glass framing process. A photographic image on high-quality photographic paper is dry mounted onto medium density fiberboard and then sealed under heat and pressure with an 80% UV protective matte finish vinyl lamination. The mounted photograph is then finished with a beveled edge, and the entire edge is given a black matte finish. The final result is a non–glare, easy to clean, professional-looking product at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom framing.

I offer the “ColorBox” product in the Colorplak lineup.  ColorBox combines the image on the fiberboard with a 0.75” frame, and then adds a 1/8” bevel that matches the side of the frame in a flat black. I find that black really accentuates the photo.

Colorplak offers a number of other alternatives that I haven’t incorporated into my menu system. I’m very happy to work with individuals who may want a different style or different color to compliment the style of a home or office.  You can view the Colorplak alternatives on their brochure by clicking here and scroll through the pages shown at the bottom.  If you see something you like, send me an email and we can talk about it.

Canvas Wraps
Canvas wraps are produced by printing on photographic paper, stripping the emulsion, and then bonding the emulsion to canvas. In this way, the details of the image are preserved while the traditional texture of the canvas comes through the print.

All gallery wraps include a semi-gloss laminate to protect it from scuffs, scratches, and cracking. The laminate also provides UV light protection to preserve the vibrancy of the print.

The canvas is then wrapped completely around a real wood frame, so the sides of the frame hold a portion of the photograph. The wood is 1.5" in depth.  Framing paper covers the back of the gallery wrap, and it comes with metal hangers and corner bumpers. Gallery wraps are complete and ready to hang on the wall as soon as they are received.

Aluminum Prints
Landscape photographs on aluminum are absolutely breathtaking. Images are rich, three-dimensional, with deep blacks and brilliant colors, and have to be seen to be believed.

I work with a professional lab that has perfected aluminum imaging technology over the last 30 years.  Images are applied to white aluminum with a high gloss finish.  Coatings and materials have been engineered to provide a long life for the image.  The metal prints are scratch resistant, will not be damaged by water indoors, and can be best cleaned with a microfiber towel and isopropyl alcohol. 

I offer two choices for framing:
The Frameless Brushed Aluminum Float Mount uses a piece of aluminum bent on the two outside edges to create a box-like effect that mounts behind the imaged aluminum. While this adds some structural integrity and helps to keep the aluminum flat, it’s main effect is to “float” the photograph 1.5” off the wall. The box has a lasered hole for hanging. From any normal viewing angle, the aluminum box in the back can’t be seen.

The Frame to Edge (Box Mount) has an aluminum frame molding with a brushed satin black finish that meets the sides of the aluminum image to produce a more traditional “framed” look. The molding is about 1-3/8” deep, so the photographs are about 1.5” off the wall.  A sturdy wire already on the frame is used to hang the print.

Most of the print sizes that can be applied to aluminum will be shipped in very sturdy, engineered cardboard boxes. However, four print sizes (25”x25”, 25”x35”, 30”x30”, and 30”x42”) must be shipped in a wood box; the higher price for these sizes reflects the higher shipping cost.  The aluminum prints are ready to hang right out of the box.

Prints on aluminum should be treated like any other photographic print.  Indirect sunlight is fine, but they should be kept out of direct sunlight.  Also, they are not designed for outdoor use.

Custom Products
I’m limited in what I can provide in a drop-down menu system on my website. Please note that the Canvas Wraps can be provided on wood that is 3" in depth; this would be most appropriate for larger prints.  The increased cost for this larger wood frame is limited only to the increased cost of materials.  Also, the aluminum prints with the frame-to-edge mounting can be provided with brushed frosted silver or brushed grey pewter finishes in addition to the standard satin black finish; there is no additional cost for these colors.  If you have an idea or have seen a photograph presentation that you like, I’m more than happy to work with you to hopefully make it happen with one of my photographs. Just send me an email and let’s talk.

Commercial and Stock Usage
All of my images are available for commercial or stock use. Please contact me if you wish to use any images in this manner.

My Guarantee
Everything that I produce and provide to you will bear my signature and date.  I love photography, and there is nothing better than sharing my vision and my experiences that are embodied in these photographs with other people. However, if you are not happy with a print or product that you receive from me, you may return it within 7 days for a full refund (less shipping charges).