The Human Element in the Landscape

 Adding a person to any landscape scene brings in an entire new dimention to a photograph. and this addition is usually (but not always) positive.  My focus is not solely on the human or on the landscape, but rather the interaction between the two.  Each enhances the other, in my view.

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triathlete, bike, setting sun, telephoto, undulating, Oregon, Washington
Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington Coast, footprints, light, shadow, Pentax 67
Beach Three, Olympic National Park, Washington Coast, fog, tracks, wandering
Duckabush River, Olympic National Forest, Washington, barn
wind turbine, turbine, Walla Walla, storm, clouds, storm clouds, weather, Umatilla County, Oregon
Hood Canal, pilings, dock, fog, Washington
turbine, wind turbine, Umatilla County, Oregon, Walla Walla, cirrus, clouds, cirrus cloud, black-and-white
thunderhead, hay, bales, eastern Montana
abandoned farmhouse, farmhouse, clouds, dark clouds, dark skies, Yakima, Highway 24, Washington State
Alvord Desert, Oregon, playa, tire tracks
Death Valley National Park, California, sand dunes, footprints