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Fountain in a Winter Park

Walla Walla, WA

Often it's enjoyable just wandering around with a camera, open to something that may come along. While currently I most often photograph landscapes, I'm not adverse to featuring human-made objects in a photograph. Such was the case with this water fountain in Tieton Park in Walla Walla. The fountain was centered and left relatively dark to give it a prominent role.  I wanted to barely include the concrete base, and the tree in the background provided visual diversity. I would have preferred more separation between the fountain and the tree, but I wanted to photograph the fountain's column at a slight angle to show three dimensions, and I was constrained by the concrete base. This composition was the result. It was done as a black-and-white with sepia toning. If any of my photographs were to be defined as "fine art," this is one. "Fine art" is difficult to describe; I've settled on the notion of fine art existing for its own sake, photographed for no other purpose than of making that photograph.  Photo © copyright by Stephen Penland.

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