Skykomish, maple, lichens, Skykomish River, Olympic National Park, Olympic, maple tree, autumn

Skykomish Maple with Lichens

Skykomish River, Olympic National Park

The Skykomish River Trail is one of my favorite sites because it is relatively easily accessible, the river is big and dynamic, and there are many old maple trees that have great and changing attributes throughout the year.  This particular tree is on the riverbank just on the other side of the bridge adjacent to the parking area at the ranger station.  I like this tree because it has long tufts of lichens on one side, and in the right light they give an unusual appearance to the tree.  Many of the leaves had fallen when I took this autumn photograph.  The dark forms of the main limbs could be seen more easily, and they contrasted nicely with the lichens and remaining leaves.  I was also fortunate that the hillside behind the tree was in deep shadow, so it provided a perfect backdrop for this portrait of a maple. Photo © copyright by Stephen Penland.

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