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Through an Old-Growth Forest

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

 This very wide path through the old-growth forest in the Carbon River area of Mount Rainier used to allow campers and hikers to quickly and easily travel the 5 miles from the park entrance to the Ipsut Creek campground and several trailheads.  Fierce storms washed a portion of the road away in 2006, and as of 2012 park administrators have kept the road closed to motor vehicles, perhaps permanently.  This is a boon to hikers and photographers who can now savor the beauty of this old-growth and temperate rain forests.  The path allows access and views to the great diversity inherent in a climax forest, and it's one of my favorite areas at Mount Rainier.  The vibrant green colors here are a result of wet vegetation photographed using a polarizing filter. Photo © copyright by Stephen Penland.

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